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Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India among tourists from all around the world. Also known as ‘God’s own country’ this small state in India has no off-season for visitors. The state boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year and offers memorable experiences for all kind of visitors. From picturesque sceneries to unique cuisines; from historical artifacts to the classical art forms; from its equable climate to its exotic wildlife, the state has a lot to offer.

Out of several different exotic locations in Kerala, Cochin deserves a special mention. Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Cochin is the biggest cosmopolitan city of Kerala besides being the commercial capital of Kerala. The city is known as the queen of the Arabian Sea and offers numerous tourist spots. A Kerala tour without Cochin in the itinerary is always incomplete. Apart from the beautiful wonders of Cochin, the city is also close to various other tourist locations in the state like Allepey, Munnar etc.


Cochin is lavishly spread with serene calm backwaters, green mountain valleys and strings of coconut trees. The stunning sight of sunset along the shores of Cherai beach and Fort Kochi beach is surely a spectacle for the eye especially with the fishermen who are busy catching fish with large Chinese fishing nets. Large stretches of shores are covered with such unique fishing nets that offer a never before seen look to the beaches. The backwaters in Cochin also offer wonderful experiences in the famous Kerala houseboats that are designed to provide luxurious comfort and a royal look. The rippling sound of water all around you and the surrounding coconut trees will definitely provide you a beautiful experience.

Apart from these scenic beauties, Cochin is also home to several ancient buildings like the Jewish synagogue, Santa Cruz Basilica and St. Francis Church. Many of these buildings follow Portuguese style of architecture. These age old architectural structures in different parts of the city make Cochin a perfect place to spend a lovely vacation with your family and your friends.


Apart from all these tourist spots in the city, Cochin is also famous for the various fairs and festivals like the Jewish festivals, Malayatoor Perunnal, Onam and Thalapoli. These fairs offer the perfect timings for visitors around the world to flock in to the city to enjoy the ambience of joy and fun all around and also get a look in to the rich traditions of the state.

The journey of a traveler finds no end points. There are always more places to visit in this world for every traveler. Here at India, there are many hidden beauties that the traveler in you can explore for attaining more knowledge and contentment. Cochin, as you know is a place of great fascination. You can explore the most of your holidays at here. There are number of tourist attractions like Museums, Amusement parks, Village attractions, religious centers and other unique places to invite you at Cochin. You will take more than three days to cover all these mind-blowing stopovers at Cochin. There are many hotels and resorts running in different parts of the city that offer the most comfortable accommodation for your team. While choosing the place for stay you should consider the accessibility of the major travel attractions from the hotel. On considering this factor, Mermaid hotel at Vyttila is a highly recommendable one. By staying here you can cover all fabulous spots in Cochin. Once you cover all of the Cochin fascinations, you have a great destination ahead. It is Lakshadweep, which is the tiniest Union Territory in India. It is a group of 36 small islands out of which 10 are inhabited. This is a place of virgin marine beauty and you can see a new world of deep marine fantasies at here.

Lakshadweep is a place that you should never miss in your life. The islands can be reached by ship as well as air from Cochin. Agatti Aerodrome on Agatti Island is the only airport in Lakshadweep and you get flight from Cochin International Airport to here. The other islands at here are linked through boat services or through helicopter. There are six ships to connect Cochin and Lakshadweep; they are M.V Kavaratti, M.V Aminidivi, M.V Minicoy, M.V Arabian Sea, M.V Lakshadweep Sea and M.V Bharath Seema. Special permission is needed to visit this Union Territory as these places come under specially protected areas. There are many limitations for the visitors at here. Alcoholic beverage consumption is not permitted here except on Bangaram Island. There are many stunning stopovers at the islands in which some of them are pointed below. Golden Jubilee Museum at Agatti Island is a must visit spot that will give you more information about the history of this place. The Kalpeni Beach is a lovely beach that offers many water sports activities to the visitors. The 37 meter high lighthouse in Kalpeni Island is another attraction for you. You get the wide view of the island from the top of this light house. Bangaram Island has the most attractive coral reef destination and you can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling at here. Minicoy Tower House at Minicoy Island, Samundrika Museum at Delanipur and Dolphin Dive Centre are the major tourist destinations at Lakshadweep.

Tired of your daily mundane routine? Feel like it’s time for a vacation? Or may be a long spa? Or may be some peace at an exotic location? How about, all this in one package? Sounds great, pack your bags to Kerala and get an Ayurvedic treatment. Do not panic because of the term treatment. Ayurveda treatment is also a method to rejuvenate your senses and refresh your entire body. It is also a recognized mode of medical tourism that is popular around the world. The popularity of this treatment has reached every corner of the world and people from all around the globe are flying to this small state for therapeutic treatment.

There are different branches of Ayurveda and includes a holistic approach towards the betterment of the body and the soul. Even the dietary supplements and the habitual ambience are maintained well while the treatment is undertaken. You are expected to stay in a specific ambience surrounded by greenery and even beautiful waterways. However, if you are under a budget and you are also interested in sightseeing then maybe you can depend on reliable hotels for your Ayurvedic spa treatments. There are several well established hotels and resorts well within the outskirts of major cities that will provide you with the necessary arrangements. These packages will include comfortable stays, exciting trips and refreshing spas – all in one. Try to contact a hotel that will include all these requirements for you and also will fit well in your budget.

Monsoon season is the best time for an Ayurveda treatment if you are planning to get one. This is because during this season our body has less heat and pores on our skin are more open. This helps in the treatment since our body is quite receptive to the treatment. There are several types of Ayurveda treatments depending on your body requirements. Most of these are specific to different diseases and will also change according to the type of the body. So this monsoon season, rush to Kerala and get a refreshment for your body.

There are Ayurvedic treatments available across the state. However, if you are looking for a holiday in Kerala and sightseeing as well, then opt for a location that is comfortably near the major tourist destinations.  Cochin would be the perfect choice for such people. It provides some of the best hotels in the state and also offers a convenient travel options to the rest of the state since it is situated exactly in the middle of the state.


Your wedding day has to be absolutely perfect. The dress, the food, the flowers, the arrangements, the decorations, the guest accommodations, the functions and everything else has to be completely according to the plan. Who doesn’t wish for such things? It is one of the most important days in your life and you would want everything to go smoothly. One of the most important aspects that everyone overlooks while organizing a wedding plan is the venue. Since these days lots of people are choosing destination weddings and receptions at hotels the venue of the wedding plays an important role.

One of the major things to be considered while choosing the venue is of course, romance. However, these days professionalism and efficiency plays a vital role as well. You might have everything planned out but since it is your wedding you would be required to be on the stage welcoming your guests. So then who better to check out all the arrangements – the hotel staff that you are depending on? The hotel management has to be efficient enough to provide parking arrangements for everyone, to provide seating arrangements for everyone, provide good food etc.

All these minor details should be handles by professionals and that is why you should be depending on reliable hotels. If you are planning a destination wedding, then obviously your first choice would be a romantic location. And one of the most romantic locations in India that is easily accessible for everyone is definitely Kerala. With a beautiful landscape and climate, Kerala has become one of the most sought out locations for every couple.

If you are planning to get married in Kerala then make sure you stay in a city that is easily accessible for everyone. After all, all your guests are coming from faraway places and you need to arrange travel arrangements and accommodations for everyone. So the best option available for you would be to choose a good 3 star hotel in Cochin for all your requirements – be it the decorations, the caterers, the security staff, the travel needs, the DJ etc. Apart from getting everything done easily, depending on a hotel for your wedding needs will also help you in keeping your wedding expenses under check. So instead of paying for everything separately, you can cover up everything under a smaller budget. It is easier to handle as well. No need to worry about the minor things will help you to enjoy your wedding more easily.

Kerala is famous for its rich wildlife beauty and natural wealth. Here is a paradise for all nature lovers and ornithologists. Wildlife photographers mark Kerala as one of their favourite spot for this reason. There are many protected forest areas in different parts of the state. You can see many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna is different parts of the state. Nilgiri Tahr at Munnar is such an animal that you can see exclusively in the Munnar hill station and the premises. You can experience a different and unique wildlife tour at Cochin in Kerala. Cochin is the most crowded city in the state and is famous for its urban beauty and modern attractions including the Lulu Shopping Mall and Wonderla Amusement Park etc. The city that still keeps its colonial beauty has many more things to attract the travellers. The wildlife beauty of Cochin is really exciting and adorable.

While discussing about the wildlife beauty of Cochin, the first destination to tell is the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary. It is located near to the High Court at Ernakulam. You can see many rare and migratory birds at this protected area. The sanctuary observes a flock of migratory birds from January to March and it is the best time to visit the destination. This place is a real paradise for every nature lover. The mangrove forest at here will be another fascination for you. In the lake at here you can see many varieties of fishes. The total area of the bird sanctuary is about 2.74 hectares. Other major attractions at this sanctuary are many rare butterflies and six species of mammals. The mammals include painted bat, house rat, three striped palm squirrel, flying-fox etc. This sanctuary is a must visit spot for any traveller at Cochin. You can add thrill to your trip by visiting here.

Another wildlife attraction in your Cochin trip is Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary located near Kothamangalam. You can see rich variety of birds at here. You can see the beauty of Periyar River and can spot many rare migratory birds at here. An evergreen forest named Edamalayar Forest is located about 15 km from this sanctuary. The mountain hawk eagles can be spotted at this forest. Near to Cochin, there are many other fabulous tourist destinations like Thekkady, Munnar etc. where you can witness the untouched beauty of wildlife. You can visit these places by road from Cochin. Either you can choose a car or can use the public road transport service. There are many good hotels at Cochin including the Mermaid Hotel where you can plan the accommodation. The hotel will provide all the facilities to ensure your comfort and happiness during the journey.

The Shabarimala Shastha temple of Kerala stands at an altitude of 1565 ft above sea level midst dense forest. There are about 50 million pilgrims who visit this place annually. This temple propagates that any devotee who has faith is welcome irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The only major rule is that women between the age of 10 to 50 years are not allowed to visit the temple. There is an amazing story behind this famous temple.  The demon Mahishasura was killed by Goddess Durga after he terrorised and destructed people. His sister Mahishi in order to avenge her brother’s death undertook a severe penance and pleased lord Bramha and requested to be granted a boon of being killed only by the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Mahishi after seeking the boon took the same path as her brother and even ventured the Deva loka and tortured the Devas. They in turn implored lord Vishnu to intervene. Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and the child born of Lord shiva and Mohini was Lord Ayyapa.

It was then decided that he would be placed under the care of king Rajashekhara who was also a childless devotee of Lord Shiva. Once, when Rajashekhara went hunting with his men in the forest he heard a child cry. He longed to take the child home and when he held the infant a sage appeared out of nowhere and told him to take the child to his palace. Ever since that incident Lord Ayyappa grew as the prince of the Pandalam state. When he grew up, a little his mother was blessed with a son. Due to the instigation of a courtier and due to the love for her son she wished her son to be crowned as the king or become the next heir. She then pretended to have a severe head ache and the king was informed that she would only be cured by the application of a tigress’s milk. The king’s army returned without victory post which Lord Ayyappa pleaded with his father and set out his journey for the forest. On his way he came across Mahishi and was convinced that she had to be killed for the well being of the people. There was a fierce battle between Lord Ayyappa and Mahishi and the latter lost at the end and realising who the lord actually was, she pleaded to be set free of her curse.

Lord Ayyappa after completing his duty towards the Devas returned mounted on top of Devendra disguised as tigress to Pandalam. The people panicked to see a group of tigers coming to their land. Lord Ayyappa after completing his duty was about to return to Deva loka when he granted a boon to his devoted father. His father requested permission to build a temple for Lord Ayyappa and asked him to choose a site for the same. The lord shot an arrow that landed on mount Shabari and hence the temple came into existence. The lord also said that he would only grace the devotees who seek a vrath or penance of 40 days and then visit him. The temple is considered to be as holy as Kashi and the river Pampa is considered to be as holy as the Ganga.

Kerala is rich of its tradition and devotional culture. To explore the beauty in kerala stay with mermaidcochin.

For all the adventure lovers, who love trekking and the nature lovers who long to be with nature and away from the mayhem of city life, Kerala presents a lot of amazing trekking spots and undisturbed scenic sights. We all know that Kerala has a lot of hills and mountains. So, I am going to give you a picture of a few beautiful mountains that are great trekking spots.

Silent valley national park

The park is situated in Palakkad and spans for about 90sq km. It is the core of international biosphere reserve and is also a part of the world heritage site.  It is famous for its lush green areas that surround the place and most of it has escaped from the disturbing traces of human invasion and commercialisation. Activists are fighting to keep it in its pristine beauty by guarding it from vested interests. There is a river trail here of about 6 kms that takes about 3 hours. There is also a water fall trail of 8 km which can be covered in about 4 hours. There is a forest trail that starts with evergreen deciduous forest range and opens a sprawling grass land. The length of the walk is 10 km but it sure is worth the effort and wait. The treks start from Mukkali which is the base camp with the permission of forest and eco-committee.

Dhoni hills       

Dhoni hills is also in Palakkad. It is a 3 hours trek from the base and is a famous trekking spot. There is a small and beautiful water fall along the way which ads a feather to its crown of beauty.

Soochipara waterfalls

During your visit to Kalpeta, you can visit a three tiered waterfall of Soochipara. This is 22 km from Kalpeta and the last 2 kms can be covered by foot. The tiredness while trekking is sure to disappear when you have a refreshing swim here.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

This is a reserve forest and is full of greenery. There is a team of protectors who accompany you during the treks in these areas. They are reliable men who are well equipped to ensure your safety during the trek. It is a 24 to 36 hours trek and night stay becomes a necessity. Thekkady where the reserve is based is the special place for elephants and you may come across a herd of elephants while you camp there. Thekkady is well connected by roads from all parts of Kerala.

Other famous trekking spots in Kerala are Aagsthyaarkootam peak and Chembra peak. There are also many hotels in Kerala that are famous for their hospitality.  “Mermaid hotels” is a famous brand in Kerala when it comes to the hospitality sector. They are well equipped and have facilities like the ayurvedic treatment, pool and rooms for meetings. They are present in two major tourist destinations. They have one in Cochin and in Munnar. So if you are looking to make your stay in Kerala a memorable one, try ‘Mermaid Hotels’

All of us are aware of the famous tourist destinations that are visited by people over and over again. In fact tourist destinations that were once serene and calm have lost its charm with the numerous population visiting it and not trying to keep it the way it was. It is a natural tendency of man to make the environment adjust for him and not adjust with the environment and hence he reaps the heavy loss of losing the many facets of nature which otherwise was about to shower its bounteous wealth on him. It is understandable that tourism for any country is a great way of national income and it is also a great forum for cultural exchanges, however, what we fail to understand in today’s economic conditions is that in a surge of making tourists spots famous and amazing tourists visits to these locations, we often forget the natural essence of the location and let it change drastically. We end up forgetting the very fact due to which the tourists are eager to visit such spots.

It is important for the Government to ensure that the tourist spots are not affected and commercialized to such an extent that the very existence of them is in danger. It is also important to identify possible tourist spots and do the necessary changes that can save them and at the same time bring them forth to the view of the entire world.  Have you ever wondered about visiting a spot that has not been visited by too many people yet? Some place, untouched by humans and  in the lap of nature? I have always longed to visit such places and I am proud to say that Gavi in Kerala is one such place. Gavi situated in the Pathanamthitta district offers various activities like trekking, camping, night safaris and watching wild life. It is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure tourists. The road leading to Gavi is full of tea plantations and mountains which paint a beautiful picture of the real queen who is to be visited. Gavi literally would mean greenery when you see it. It is filled with mountains with green carpets woven around them. The various shades of greenery, the tranquillity and the pleasant climate is sure to take you to a different realm all together. Gavi offers the unique feature of camping in forests. The idea of spending a night in a forest with the teaming wild life around you is amazing. There are also various provisions for tree houses that give you a beautiful view of the land and lives beneath. Shabarima the famous pilgrim destination is very close to Gavi and there are night life safaris available to places like Kullur, Kochu Pampa,Pachkanam etc. Gavi is untouched and belongs to the wild. A visit to Gavi is a splendid opportunity to forget the artificial world around us and be vulnerable to the force of nature which treats us well when we treat her well.

If waking up to music of birds, witnessing greenery all around and experiencing cold breeze is your thing then Munnar is surely the spot that you are looking for. It is a hill station in Kerala situated at about 130 km from the Cochin airport.  Munnar is famous for tea plantations, hills and nature’s green backdrop. It was once the summer resort of the British in South India. Munnar is a part of the Western Ghats and has the famous Anamudi hill which is the tallest in south India.

Munnar has a lot of attractive sightseeing locations and is also known as the honeymooner’s paradise. It is not uncommon to see couples everywhere enjoying the scenic beauty and the cool temperature of Munnar. Though the name suggests 3 rivers, they don’t exactly confluence in Munnar. The 3 famous rivers that contribute to the splendid name of the place are Mattupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru.  The tea plantations here were mostly started during the British rule in India and today the famous Kanan Devan tea plantation of TATA is found here.

Munnar is also home for several endemic species like Nilgiri Tar, the Gaur, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar etc. Ervikulam national park is a famous sanctuary here where you could find the famous Nilgiri Tar and several animals, birds and wide range of butterflies. The most important aspect of this sanctuary is that it has the Anamudi peak inside it.  It is an ideal trekking spot, however, prior permission from the forest officials is to be taken for the expedition.  Apart from the famous Anamudi peak, Munnar is also famous for the Kurinji flower that has the unique phenomenon of blooming only once in 12 years. I remember reading a novel by an Indian writer about the famous Kurinji flower and how important it was in the lives of the villagers. People in the past used to calculate and relate ones age with the blooming of the Kurinji. The fact that they considered nature as a part and parcel of their life and lived in complete harmony with Mother Nature made me overwhelm with happiness. The Kurinji is not a big flower, it blooms in groups and tends to cover most of the hill sides and slopes during its flowering season. Its blue cover makes the hills look like they have been covered by a blue carpet. Though it is one of the most extraordinary events that one can witness we unfortunately will have to wait until 2018 to see them bloom again.

Other famous areas around Munnar are Atukkad waterfalls, blossom park, Pothmedu view point, Mattupetti Dam, Eco point etc.  Munnar is famous for its serenity and for its plantations. No wonder it is also a home for numerous resorts and hotels.  ‘Mermaid Munnar’ is one of them. It is situated in a heritage home built by the British and also displays their architecture in their old wing. It is located at the heart of Munnar and is an ideal place for connecting with other tourist locations.

Thekkady is a part of the Idukki district of Kerala. It is where the Periyar Tiger Reserve is located. Tiger Reserve lies in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu border and is famous for the reserve and its spices such cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and clove. The sanctuary is famous for the moist deciduous forest and savanna grass lands. It spreads across 777km and about 360 Km of it is forest. You would find elephants, Sambars, tigers, Nilgiri Langurs and lion-tailed Macaques in the sanctuary.

The best part about this sanctuary is the artificial lake created by Mullaperiyar dam across the Periyar river.  It is not uncommon to see elephants, bisons and deers come down from the forest to drink water from the lake. There are also boat rides available for tourists who can enjoy the beauty of the tranquil lake and the surrounding hills that seem to engulf the place. I happened to visit this place during the monsoon season and while the boat went mid way tender showers of rain fell and the passing gale threw the drops into the boat. It was an amazing feeling to be amidst the lake with the cold breeze and rain drops on my face and when I opened my eyes the surrounding greenery made me over whelm with happiness. I was also fortunate to see otters playing with each other or may be trying to catch their meal in the lake during the boat ride.

The sanctuary also has the options of forest trekking for which permission needs to be taken from the forest department. But it is an exciting expedition because before you tread the forest you are equipped with leach socks that are ankle length which makes you feel adventurous and the real adventure begins when you cross the lake to reach the forest. There are rafts made of bamboo that lead you to the other end. The thought of crossing 50 to 100 meter deep lake standing on a bamboo raft did send cold shivers across my body but trekking the forest was an experience it was all worth for. Once you start walking in the forest with an armed forest guard you notice a variety of trees that are only found here and there are various kinds of mushrooms and lichens on most trees. I also got an opportunity to sight a flock of hornbills rush right above me. Their large wings flapping amidst the canopy of trees made it sound like that of a brewing storm.

The forest has over 1965 flowering plants including 171 grass species 143 species of orchids and 265 varieties of birds. The sanctuary is also a home for cobra, viper, krait and numerous non-venomous snakes. There are also a few watch towers in the Periyar forest reserve that are the best for viewing wild animals. So if you are a nature lover then this is an apt place for you to feel and be amidst Mother Nature. It is also one of the best places for clicking beautiful pictures and also sight wild animals.