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honeymoon paradise in munnar

Kerala, also known as the God’s own country, is one of the most popular romantic destinations in the country. With a serene climate and a picturesque location, the state is bustling with couples celebrating their honeymoon throughout the year. The lush green state of Kerala with the eternal presence of scenic backwaters, calming beaches, unending coconut groves and misty hills is an exotically romantic destination for newlyweds. One of the most visited romantic destinations in the state is Munnar, a beautiful hill station located at an altitude of 1800 kms above sea level. If you are planning for a memorable romantic holiday in Munnar, make sure you visit some of the most popular destinations there.


Anamudi Peak, lying to the interior of Eravikulam National Park, is a stunning location for sight- seeing. Situated at a height of 2695 m, the hill is decorated with different types of flora and fauna. If you are an adventure lover, you can also participate in trekking, rock climbing and rappelling activities here. Also, spend a day at Munnar Carmelagiri Elephant Park to get a close look at the nature here. This is a place that you can visit along with your family as well. An elephant safari with your family will provide a breathtaking view of the misty forests, rugged hill paths and the deep valleys of the Munnar forests. Depending on your time there you can decide on the duration of the tour.


Also plan a trip to Mattupetti Dam, which is one the most popular tourist attractions in Munnar and is situated 10 km away from the town. Here you can enjoy activities like horse riding and boating with your loved ones. It is also one of the hottest shopping destinations in the area with homemade chocolates, tea, coffee and spices. Munnar is famous for the tea plantations and coffee orchards that are grown in the area. The tea plantations here also make for beautiful sceneries with multitudes of hills covered in tea. You can also visit Tata Tea Museum, to get a first- hand experience on the industry.


While in Munnar, make sure you enjoy the delicious Kerala cuisine. Kerala is famous for the food it offers, especially seafood and vegetarian dishes. If you are a fish lover, then do try the traditional fish curry that is famous in Munnar. Also for snacks, try the local spicy cashew nut or a chilly bhaji. Teamed with a hot tea, it makes for a great evening snack in the cold weather.

Kerala is an ideal honeymoon destination. With lovely beaches and chilly hill stations this wonderful land invites the newly married couple to celebrate their togetherness. There are many stunning places in different parts of Kerala that can be marked by the couples to visit after their marriage. Many people in Kerala plan honeymoon trip to foreign countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Actually they never see the better portion of Kerala that are thousand times beautiful than the places that they plan to visit. You can spend some romantic days in Kerala destinations if you have a clear plan and wish. Here you will feel safe and secure. The warm people at here will treat you with care and love. Let us see some of the loveliest destinations having romantic ambiance in Kerala.

Munnar is a chilly hill station with ecstatically romantic atmosphere. It is the most ideal destination in Kerala for your honeymoon. The tea plantations and the lake at here will be creating a perfect ambiance for you to romance. You can start the journey from Cochin. Cochin itself is a stunning place to visit. Mermaid Hotel is one of the best options for your accommodation in this trip.

Gavi at Pathanamthitta is another romantic hill station in Kerala. You can enjoy the beauty of virgin wildlife and can go for exciting jungle safari at here.

Kovalam Beach at Trivandrum is the most romantic beach in the state. You can stay at any resort at here and can make your private hours a real celebration. Kappil Beach at Trivandrum near the Kollam boarder is another romantic beach in Kerala.

Alleppy is another romantic destination that you should visit with your partner. The houseboat cruise at here will be a once in life experience. You can also taste delicious cuisines like Kappa, Karimeen and toddy from here. The enchanting beauty of backwaters at Alleppy is beyond words to explain.

Wayand is a real honeymoon stopover. The view of Thamarasery Churam will be breath-taking for you. Boating at Pookkodu Lake with your partner will be another romantic experience for you.

There are many more romantic destinations in the state that you should visit with your partner. The beauty of Kerala cannot be explained in a single article. Get a private vehicle and drive through the misty roads of Munnar, Wayanad, Ponmudi in Trivandrum and Vagamon etc. You can feel the essence of romance in your journey. Kerala is well blessed with natural beauty. But sometimes we forget to see that and search beauty outside. Love your partner and land. Both needs and cares you than anything else. Both of them are the most romantic and beautiful things in the world for you.

There are numerous places that can be visited this season because of the advantage of it being winter now. The tropics can be best visited now, for it is neither too hot nor cold during this season. Kerala in south India would be the best choice for various reasons that include natural beauty, wild life, mountains, back waters and beaches. Depending upon ones interest level and need, Kerala can provide you accordingly. For example if you prefer hill stations for your holiday then you could visit places like Munaar, Idukky, Vayanaad etc.

Munaar in Kerala is situated at about 130 km from the Cochin airport and is considered to be honeymooner’s paradise. It is famous for its tea plantations that spread like a green carpet throughout the place. It also has Erivikulam national park where you could find various endemic species of animals and birds. So if you are nature lover and love to spend time in a hill station, Munnar is your destination.

Idukky and Vayanaad are other hill stations that are famous for the scenic beauty, beautiful resorts and nature endowed waterfalls that surprise you on your way up the hill.

If you are not a mountain person and prefer to stay in the land then the options are diverse again. The entire state of Kerala is amazingly green when compared to most other states of India. Coconut groves are seen almost everywhere and so are the back waters. Kerala is undoubtedly the queen of back waters. Places like kumorakkom and Alapuzha are flocked by tourists every year to enjoy the splendid beauty of the back waters. The houseboats here are a great attraction. They are compact houses that provide you with almost all the facilities and glide in the water which makes it seem ethereal. The best part of the house boat journey is the sunrise or the sun set when the water reflects the beauty of the burning ball of fire.

Beaches are another source of delight in Kerala. Being on the Malabar cost, every part of Kerala seems to be surrounded by beaches. The famous Kovalam beach is a great tourist destination and has boat rides and other services much to the delight of the tourists.  Apart from Kovalam beach, we have beaches like Varkala, Chavakkad, Kayamkulam  and various others. It is great to see the famous Chinese fishing nets used in Cochin. The Shankumugham beach is close to the Trivandrum airport and can be seen even before the flight lands.

Apart from the beaches Kerala also has many monuments and palaces like the hill palace in thripunithara, the boulghati palace and many others.  There are various good hotels in Kerala amongst which “Mermaid Hotels in Cochin is famous for its hospitality and other facilities like swimming pool, recreational space and spa. It is also a great place for business meetings and for conducting other functions. They also have their branch in Munnar which makes it easy for people who want to visit Munnar and the other places in the vicinity.

Kerala though a subtropical region boasts a moderate climate throughout the year. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Indian ocean as well the Nilgiri ranges the state enjoys a pleasant climate yearlong. However if you are not one for the warmth of the sun and the salty wetness of the sea air there are the hill stations of Kerala.

The Munnar hill station is one of the most well known hill station of South India. World renowned for the exotic tea produced in the region, Munnar is a sought after tourist destination. The climate is cool to chilly depending on the season in this hill station. Sights to see include the numerous tea plantations and lakes. The Devikulam hills located in Munnaar have some of the most exotic flora and soft rolling hills that seem to be clad in green velvet. The Sita Devi lake at the Devikula hills has mieral rich water which is supposed to have medicinal properties.

Thekkadi is another popular tourist destination. The elephant sanctuary has very cool climate almost throughout the year and is very popular with tourists who love trekking and hiking. Elephant safaris with trained guards can be found here. The Vagamon is another popular summer retreat. The numerous waterfalls surrounding the area make the place seem like a greeting card. The quite tranquil environment cut off from the hustle and bustle of city life is a good place to focus your thoughts and rejuvenate your body.

The Ponmudi or the golden peak is yet another famous hill station. Peppara wildlife sanctuary and Meenmutti waterfalls are two other sites that you could visit while on your way to Ponmudi. Located quite near to the capital city Pomudi offers a quick getaway for those who do not want to leave the comforts of the city hotels. Another popular hill station is Idukki. If you visited Kerala after being enchanted with the lore of spices this place is a must visit. The aroma of spices linger in the air as the hill stations boasts several spice plantations including cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, etc.

Gavi is alesser known hill station of Kerala but not behind any other in its breathtaking beauty. Home to several exotic flora and fauna Gavi offers several opportunities for trekking and camping. The place has excellent facilities for tourists and trained guides can be found who can take you around for guided tours. The entrance to Gavi has a museum along with a garden which has some very rare flowers including orchids which aren’t seen anywhere else. A view of the Sabarimala temple can be seen from atop one of the hills. Kochupampa a tributary of the Pampa River is very near to the hill station.

Monsoons are here and so are the misty dawns, the cozy sleeps and the lazy mornings. A cup of hot coffee on a balcony overlooking a scenic landscape drenched in the monsoon rain – what better way to rekindle your romance and refresh your inner peace. If you are tired of your daily routine and your mundane work, pack your bags and rush to Kerala. With the monsoons setting in, the small state in south India is now truly God’s own country with lush greenery and captivating monsoon sights.

If you are a couple looking for a perfect honeymoon destination or just a small holiday to renew your romance, then Munnar is the place to be. The small hill station in Kerala offers untouched natural beauty and a peaceful private abode for couples. There are several resorts and holiday inns that provide accommodation for couples in exotic isolated locations – away from the hustle bustle of a city, away from the rush of daily life and away from stress and strain.

Munnar is situated at the peaks of the Western Ghats and is abundantly blessed by nature. The peaks are surrounded with tea plantations and other wildlife. Unlike other hill stations in India, it is also easily accessible from the major cities of Kerala, especially  Cochin since it is situated in the adjacent district, Idukki. Just a small road trip to the town and there you are – away from the rush of the city and in the arms of the nature. Along with the endless stretches of tea plantations, Munnar is also abode to a plethora of flora and fauna.

Set at an altitude of 6000ft, the small town on Munnar used to be the summer destination of the erstwhile British rulers in the colonial days. However, the city now attracts tourists at all times of the year. Be it summer or monsoon, the city has an amazing charm, serenity and tranquility that make it easy for a person to fall in love with the place difficult to leave.

However, if you are looking for adventure and an opportunity to enjoy the monsoons, then take a trip across the state. The backwaters, rivers, ponds and waterfalls are filled with water at this point of the year and look extremely gorgeous. You can go for a ride on a houseboat in Allepey or take a trip to the Athirappilly waterfalls to enjoy the captivating beauty of the monsoons.

Situated between the waves of the Arabian Sea and the peaks of the Western Ghats, Kerala is a beautiful piece of land with mesmerizing waterways and scenic landscape. It is home to a variety of flora and fauna residing across diverse geographical settings. The small state with exotic wildlife, misty hill stations, sun kissed beaches, gorgeous backwaters and popular pilgrim centers has now become one of the most sought out tourist destinations in the country.

If you are a person looking for a holiday tour package to Kerala, here are a few things that you should keep in kind while making your reservations and itinerary. First of all, the climate has to be noted. Kerala is famous for the rainy season and the summer season it hosts – both of which are unique in their own ways. While the summers are hot and humid in most parts of Kerala, it is one of the best times to visit the hill stations in Kerala, especially Munnar. The city is famous of the beautiful tea gardens and the refreshing climate it offers during summers. However, if you are a person who loves rains, then Kerala is the place to be during monsoon. The whole state will be drenched in the sweet songs of rain and the fresh breeze along with it.

Along with the climate, you also need to check the type of package you are looking for. Kerala has something for everyone. For newlyweds, the state offers romantic beaches and chilling hill stations; for families, houseboat trips and elephant safari; for adventure lovers there is trekking and water sports; for pilgrims there are popular temples, churches, mosques and even Jewish synagogue; and for history lovers, there are several forts, and historical ruins. Hence, do a background research on the holiday package and find the one that best suits your interests.

However, if you are a traveler who does not like planning or are in Kerala just for a few days, then Cochin is the place to be. It is situated exactly in the middle of the state and is well connected with the rest of the world. Along with the rewards that the city life offers, Cochin (also known as Kochi) offers a refreshing time with the nature. It is not just conveniently placed near all the popular attractions the city itself is a major tourist spot of the state. So pack your bags to Cochin and the let the adventure begin.

Rain has been associated with romance by many. A lot of songs and poems have been written about the mesmerizing effects of rain on your romantic life. The staying close to each other under an umbrella, the cuddling under the blanket watching the rain trickle down the window panes or just watching the rains together on a balcony sharing a cup of coffee; rain can be a great time to relive your romantic days. For newlyweds, it is the perfect time for a romantic vacation and a much needed getaway from the mundane routine life. And what is better than monsoon vacation to a romantic location.

One of the most popular romantic locations in the country is of course Kerala, more popularly known as the God’s own country. With the monsoons coming up, it is time for you to start packing up for a romantic vacation in Kerala. If you are unaware of where to stay in Kerala to get the maximum off your trip, then get set and leave immediately to Cochin. Set on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the city is a beautiful amalgam of natural beauty and skyscrapers. The city provides you everything you need to sustain and also lets you stay amidst nature and its natural beauty.

Additionally, the city is also located in the perfect location that is the exact center of the state. This allows for easy travels to other cities and tourist destinations in the state. Be it the romantic hill station Munnar, or  the Venice of the east  Allepey; Cochin provides easy access to all these places. Although the list of tourist destinations in the state is many, there are a few places that will boost up your romance.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala among honeymoon couples and newlyweds is Munnar. It is a small hill station that is famous for the spectacular weather throughout the year and the extensive tea gardens that forms a picturesque landscape. Combined with monsoons, the place offers a great time for couples.

Other popular tourist spots in the country include the many backwaters and the houseboat trips they provide. It is a private time for couples on water enjoying the peaceful time it offers and great views they have. A trip to Kerala without a house boat trip is incomplete since it is one of the most unique features of Kerala and is bound to create a magical romantic experience for you.


All of us are aware of the famous tourist destinations that are visited by people over and over again. In fact tourist destinations that were once serene and calm have lost its charm with the numerous population visiting it and not trying to keep it the way it was. It is a natural tendency of man to make the environment adjust for him and not adjust with the environment and hence he reaps the heavy loss of losing the many facets of nature which otherwise was about to shower its bounteous wealth on him. It is understandable that tourism for any country is a great way of national income and it is also a great forum for cultural exchanges, however, what we fail to understand in today’s economic conditions is that in a surge of making tourists spots famous and amazing tourists visits to these locations, we often forget the natural essence of the location and let it change drastically. We end up forgetting the very fact due to which the tourists are eager to visit such spots.

It is important for the Government to ensure that the tourist spots are not affected and commercialized to such an extent that the very existence of them is in danger. It is also important to identify possible tourist spots and do the necessary changes that can save them and at the same time bring them forth to the view of the entire world.  Have you ever wondered about visiting a spot that has not been visited by too many people yet? Some place, untouched by humans and  in the lap of nature? I have always longed to visit such places and I am proud to say that Gavi in Kerala is one such place. Gavi situated in the Pathanamthitta district offers various activities like trekking, camping, night safaris and watching wild life. It is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure tourists. The road leading to Gavi is full of tea plantations and mountains which paint a beautiful picture of the real queen who is to be visited. Gavi literally would mean greenery when you see it. It is filled with mountains with green carpets woven around them. The various shades of greenery, the tranquillity and the pleasant climate is sure to take you to a different realm all together. Gavi offers the unique feature of camping in forests. The idea of spending a night in a forest with the teaming wild life around you is amazing. There are also various provisions for tree houses that give you a beautiful view of the land and lives beneath. Shabarima the famous pilgrim destination is very close to Gavi and there are night life safaris available to places like Kullur, Kochu Pampa,Pachkanam etc. Gavi is untouched and belongs to the wild. A visit to Gavi is a splendid opportunity to forget the artificial world around us and be vulnerable to the force of nature which treats us well when we treat her well.

If waking up to music of birds, witnessing greenery all around and experiencing cold breeze is your thing then Munnar is surely the spot that you are looking for. It is a hill station in Kerala situated at about 130 km from the Cochin airport.  Munnar is famous for tea plantations, hills and nature’s green backdrop. It was once the summer resort of the British in South India. Munnar is a part of the Western Ghats and has the famous Anamudi hill which is the tallest in south India.

Munnar has a lot of attractive sightseeing locations and is also known as the honeymooner’s paradise. It is not uncommon to see couples everywhere enjoying the scenic beauty and the cool temperature of Munnar. Though the name suggests 3 rivers, they don’t exactly confluence in Munnar. The 3 famous rivers that contribute to the splendid name of the place are Mattupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru.  The tea plantations here were mostly started during the British rule in India and today the famous Kanan Devan tea plantation of TATA is found here.

Munnar is also home for several endemic species like Nilgiri Tar, the Gaur, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar etc. Ervikulam national park is a famous sanctuary here where you could find the famous Nilgiri Tar and several animals, birds and wide range of butterflies. The most important aspect of this sanctuary is that it has the Anamudi peak inside it.  It is an ideal trekking spot, however, prior permission from the forest officials is to be taken for the expedition.  Apart from the famous Anamudi peak, Munnar is also famous for the Kurinji flower that has the unique phenomenon of blooming only once in 12 years. I remember reading a novel by an Indian writer about the famous Kurinji flower and how important it was in the lives of the villagers. People in the past used to calculate and relate ones age with the blooming of the Kurinji. The fact that they considered nature as a part and parcel of their life and lived in complete harmony with Mother Nature made me overwhelm with happiness. The Kurinji is not a big flower, it blooms in groups and tends to cover most of the hill sides and slopes during its flowering season. Its blue cover makes the hills look like they have been covered by a blue carpet. Though it is one of the most extraordinary events that one can witness we unfortunately will have to wait until 2018 to see them bloom again.

Other famous areas around Munnar are Atukkad waterfalls, blossom park, Pothmedu view point, Mattupetti Dam, Eco point etc.  Munnar is famous for its serenity and for its plantations. No wonder it is also a home for numerous resorts and hotels.  ‘Mermaid Munnar’ is one of them. It is situated in a heritage home built by the British and also displays their architecture in their old wing. It is located at the heart of Munnar and is an ideal place for connecting with other tourist locations.

Thekkady is a part of the Idukki district of Kerala. It is where the Periyar Tiger Reserve is located. Tiger Reserve lies in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu border and is famous for the reserve and its spices such cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and clove. The sanctuary is famous for the moist deciduous forest and savanna grass lands. It spreads across 777km and about 360 Km of it is forest. You would find elephants, Sambars, tigers, Nilgiri Langurs and lion-tailed Macaques in the sanctuary.

The best part about this sanctuary is the artificial lake created by Mullaperiyar dam across the Periyar river.  It is not uncommon to see elephants, bisons and deers come down from the forest to drink water from the lake. There are also boat rides available for tourists who can enjoy the beauty of the tranquil lake and the surrounding hills that seem to engulf the place. I happened to visit this place during the monsoon season and while the boat went mid way tender showers of rain fell and the passing gale threw the drops into the boat. It was an amazing feeling to be amidst the lake with the cold breeze and rain drops on my face and when I opened my eyes the surrounding greenery made me over whelm with happiness. I was also fortunate to see otters playing with each other or may be trying to catch their meal in the lake during the boat ride.

The sanctuary also has the options of forest trekking for which permission needs to be taken from the forest department. But it is an exciting expedition because before you tread the forest you are equipped with leach socks that are ankle length which makes you feel adventurous and the real adventure begins when you cross the lake to reach the forest. There are rafts made of bamboo that lead you to the other end. The thought of crossing 50 to 100 meter deep lake standing on a bamboo raft did send cold shivers across my body but trekking the forest was an experience it was all worth for. Once you start walking in the forest with an armed forest guard you notice a variety of trees that are only found here and there are various kinds of mushrooms and lichens on most trees. I also got an opportunity to sight a flock of hornbills rush right above me. Their large wings flapping amidst the canopy of trees made it sound like that of a brewing storm.

The forest has over 1965 flowering plants including 171 grass species 143 species of orchids and 265 varieties of birds. The sanctuary is also a home for cobra, viper, krait and numerous non-venomous snakes. There are also a few watch towers in the Periyar forest reserve that are the best for viewing wild animals. So if you are a nature lover then this is an apt place for you to feel and be amidst Mother Nature. It is also one of the best places for clicking beautiful pictures and also sight wild animals.